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About Our People

Jack Hoopes Co-Chairman

Jack Hoopes


Jack is Co-Chairman of Commonwealth Capital and is a member of the credit committee and responsible for the overall strategic vision for the company. A graduate of Bucknell University, he was a serial entrepreneur during his earlier working years. He owned and operated, either in whole or in partnership, 27 different enterprises. His business interests included banking, venture capital, real estate development & brokerage, commercial finance, insurance, mortgage origination, beverage distribution, restaurants, energy services, sporting goods and others, making him particularly adept at evaluating and understanding the diverse needs of Commonwealth clients.

Jack’s last engagement was as chairman of Penn Business Credit in Philadelphia, PA. The business was sold to Fulton Bank of Lancaster, PA in 2005. Jack stayed on with the bank and served as Chief Asset Based Lending Officer at the bank holding company level.

Prior to that Jack served as Chairman and CEO of United Valley Bank in Philadelphia, PA. The bank and its related subsidiaries were sold to Jefferson Bank in 1996.

Jack has served as President of the Chester County, PA Board of Realtors, President of the United Way of Chester County, PA, and President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Risk Management Association, an association of bank lenders and credit officers.

Jack joined the Young Presidents Organization in in 1983, matriculating to the World Presidents Organization where he served as Chapter Chair of the Philadelphia Chapter in 2002-2003.

Commonwealth Capital LLC

Don Young Co-Chairman

Don Young


A native Philadelphian, Don graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Drexel University.

He started his business career in the packaging industry and ultimately led Marketing and Sales for Simkins Industries.

In the mid-1980s, he diversified his interests by becoming an investor in multi-family real estate in Alexandria, VA, and continued with real estate investments throughout New Jersey.

By the early 2000s, he saw the need for a lender that would finance commercial real estate for borrowers who could not qualify for bank financing due to the strict guidelines of the banking industry. Seeing this as an opportunity, in 2002 he founded Oak Leaf Financial which eventually merged with Commonwealth Capital in 2018. Don is now Co-Chairman of the firm.

Commonwealth Capital LLC

Chandler Hoopes President & Chief Executive Officer

Chandler Hoopes

President & Chief Executive Officer

Chandler is President and CEO of Commonwealth Capital and is in charge of day to day business operations of the company. He is an integral part of credit decisions and oversees closing and servicing all transactions. As the one responsible on a daily basis for all accounts, Chandler works hard to ensure complete client satisfaction and flawless execution of credit facilities. Prior to joining Commonwealth Capital in August of 2013 Chandler was a Credit Analyst with the Real Estate Finance group of Firstrust Bank in Philadelphia, PA.

Chandler graduated from Bucknell University and is actively involved in several alumni organizations. Chandler also serves on the Board of Directors of Baker Industries, a Philadelphia organization that provides jobs and work place training for vulnerable adults in the region.

Commonwealth Capital LLC

Alex Benoit Senior Vice President & Principal

Alex Benoit

Senior Vice President & Principal

Alex is Senior Vice President of Commonwealth Capital and is in charge of originating and underwriting new transactions as well as leading marketing efforts. He heads the underwriting committee and manages the process from initiation through closing. As the one responsible on a daily basis for growing the portfolio, Alex works hard to ensure Commonwealth stays true to its underwriting standards and works with brokers and potential clients on transactions in an effective and timely fashion. Prior to joining Commonwealth Capital in August of 2015 Alex was an Analyst with the Financial Advisory division of The PFM Group in Philadelphia, PA.

Alex graduated from Bucknell University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, and a minor in Philosophy. He actively volunteers in non-profit organizations such as Percent Pledge and Baker Industries, and enjoys playing basketball and golf in his spare time.

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