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Jack Hoopes


Jack serves as Co-Chairman of Commonwealth Capital, responsible for the overall strategic vision for the company, and is a standing member of the credit committee. A graduate of Bucknell University, he was a serial entrepreneur during his earlier working years. He owned and operated, either in whole or in partnership, 27 different enterprises. His business interests included banking, venture capital, real estate development and brokerage, commercial finance, insurance, mortgage origination, beverage distribution, restaurants, energy services, sporting goods and others. This diversity makes him particularly adept at evaluating and understanding the diverse needs of Commonwealth clients.
Jack’s last engagement was as chairman of Penn Business Credit in Philadelphia, Pa. The business was sold to Fulton Bank in 2005. Jack stayed on with the bank and served as Chief Asset Based Lending Officer at the bank-holding company level.
Prior to that, Jack served as Chairman and CEO of United Valley Bank in Philadelphia, Pa. The bank and its related subsidiaries were sold to Jefferson Bank in 1996.
Jack has served as President of the Chester County, Pa. Board of Realtors; President of the United Way of Chester County, Pa.; and President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Risk Management Association, an association of bank lenders and credit officers.
Jack joined the Young Presidents Organization in 1983, matriculating to the World Presidents Organization, where he served as Chapter Chair of the Philadelphia Chapter in 2002-2003 and Chapter Chair of the Southwest Florida YPO Gold Chapter from 2017-2018.

Jack Hoopes

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