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Helping businesses and investors access the real estate-secured capital they need, when they need it most

Bridge Loans

Quickly close on a property, save real estate from foreclosure, or take advantage of a short-term opportunity prior to securing long-term financing.

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Construction Loans

Obtain the essential construction funding you need for both ground-up and renovation projects.

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Lines of Credit

Maintain constant access to the cash you need for working capital, growing your real estate portfolio, or fixing and flipping properties.

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Need longer term financing? Commonwealth can do a term as long as 5 years with amortization options.

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Looking for financing for your business or investments?
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Commonwealth Capital provides short-term bridge and mini-perm loans for businesses and real estate investors who do not qualify for traditional bank credit or need a rapid response and quick closing.


However, unlike many private lenders, we hold all our loans on our own balance sheet — which gives us the ability to lend outside of typical underwriting standards. And because we underwrite, fund, and service all loans internally, you can expect an expedited process and direct access to decision makers.

To date, we’ve funded over $100 million in small balance commercial real estate loans


Critical funding for a wide variety of projects and needs.

Summer Camp Real Estate Investor
Sullivan County, NY

Commonwealth Capital is pleased to announce that it recently closed a $900,000 A-piece note acquisition. Real estate developer based in Brooklyn, NY Secured by leased summer camp facility in the Catskills Funds used to renovate the ...



Bridge Loan for Doctor and Real Estate Investor
Kings County, NY

Commonwealth Capital is pleased to announce that it recently closed a $390,000 bridge loan. Doctor and real estate investor in Brooklyn, NY Funds used to acquire commercial property in Brooklyn, NY to be converted into surgery center Secured ...



Bridge Loan for Real Estate Investor and Contractor
Camden County, NJ

Commonwealth Capital is pleased to announce that it recently closed a $450,000 Bridge Loan. Real estate developer and contractor in Runnemede, NJ Funds being used to acquire mixed-use commercial warehouse property for lease up Secured by subj...



Construction Loan for Real Estate Developer
Greene County, NY

Commonwealth Capital is pleased to announce that it recently closed a $350,000 Construction Loan. Financial advisor and real estate developer Funds being used to complete construction of single family home in Catskill, NY for resale Secured b...



Construction Funding for Gas Station
Bergen County, NJ

Commonwealth Capital is pleased to announce that it recently closed a $400,000 Bridge Loan.   Trucking company and gas station operator in Hackensack, NJ Funds used to complete gas tank removal and installation at site Secured by ga...



Mixed-Use Acquisition & Renovation Financing
Passiac County, NJ

Commonwealth Capital is pleased to announce that it recently closed a $550,000 Bridge Loan. Attorney and real estate investor based in Passaic, NJ Funds used to acquire and renovate mixed-use office property Secured by two mixed-use...



Clear for takeoff!
Gloucester County, NJ

Commonwealth Capital is pleased to announce that it recently closed a $1,186,000 Bridge Loan. General contractor and aviation professional based in Philadelphia, PA Funds used to acquire airport property and fund interest reserve Se...



Maryland Retail Strip Mall Refinance
Essex, MD

Commonwealth Capital is pleased to announce we recently closed a $1,800,000 bridge loan in Essex, Maryland. The cash out refinance will allow the property owner to payoff the existing financing, pay closing costs and provide working capital to stabil...



Need financing quickly? Apply today.


At Commonwealth Capital, you deal directly with our Executives through every step of the borrowing process. This unique accessibility allows for a quick approval and fast closing. In fact, we can close deals in as little as five days.

We are an essential lending partner for Brokers, Attorneys, Accountants, and Real Estate Investors

Property Owners


We take pride in offering creative loan structures to real estate owners as well as direct access to the decision-makers responsible for financing.

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Commonwealth Capital is a reliable partner for professional financial intermediaries, brokers, attorneys and accountants whose clients face unique borrowing challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our mission is to deliver reliable latest news and opinions.

Is Commonwealth a broker or a direct lender?

Commonwealth is a direct, balance sheet lender. We hold the loans on our own balance sheet and service them for the life of the loan.

How quickly can you close a loan?

We will require an appraisal and title commitment prior to closing. We can close in as little as 5 days if these reports are already completed.

Do you charge prepayment penalties?

We do not have a prepayment penalty. The borrower is welcome to pay off the loan in full at any time, with no additional fee.

Do you allow secondary financing or seller-held notes?

We do allow seller-held notes and secondary financing. We usually require 20% down, however, on a case by case basis, this can be reduced or eliminated.

What is the minimum credit score you require for a loan?

We do not have a minimum credit score but we will want to understand the reasons behind any credit issues.

What type of properties do you lend on?

Almost all property types, including Single Family Homes, Multifamily, Office, Retail, Industrial, Bars/Restaurants, Funeral Homes, Gas Stations, Dry Cleaners, Self Storage, Mixed Use, Daycares, Hotel/Motel, Warehouse, Special Use, Agriculture, and Auto Repair.

Are there any property types you won't consider?

Land - send us all the rest!

Have other questions?


We’d be more than happy to answer and discuss in detail any other questions that you may have. We are sure you will appreciate the many advantages of working with Commonwealth Capital that you won’t get with other lenders.


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